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We receive emails with many questions, so, to help you decide if a Brookhaven Labrador may be right for you, we have
provided the answers to frequently asked questions.

~May I visit your Kennel or Facility?  I don't have a kennel or a facility, I  have a home.  My Labs live in my home.  Visitors are welcomed providing a puppy application and telephone
interview have been completed.  I hope you understand that I would like to know more about the people I invite into my home.

How much are your puppies?  Sales are not my main focus.  I breed to produce my next competition/companion dog, whether it be conformation (show); obedience, agility, hunting
or Pet Therapy.  I always keep at least one puppy from each litter to allow them to grow up and see if they meet my expectations.  However, I cannot keep every puppy in the litter so
I sell these as companions.  My puppies are neither the cheapest in the area or the most expensive.  If price is your only focus, you may want to look elsewhere.  The price is directly
related to what I have put into them and someday my goal is to break even.

How often are your girls bred?  My girls do not live to breed, my girls have very active lives and participate in at least one activity.  They take a break from their lives to breed now
and then.  I will not breed any girl more than 3 times and never past the age of 6.  However, many times my girls provide me with an excellent representation of the breed on their first
or second litter and are never bred again.

Do your girls have their health clearances before they are bred?  Absolutely.  Visit our girls page to see their clearances.  Although the Labrador Retriever Club Inc. (the AKC
Parent Club) recommends at a minimum that all breeding dogs have hip, elbow and CERF eye clearances; here at Brookhaven we do not feel that is enough.  We require our girls to
have Hip and Elbows clearances via the OFA, CERF for their Eyes and a Color Doppler clearance on their heart.  We never breed a girl to a boy who does not have an Optigen A
rating (normal clear for PRA - early onset blindness) or EIC Clear Rating (Exercise Induced Collapse) -- as these genes are recessive and it takes two to produce that disease.  I also
believe in clearing the pedigree, not just the parents.

May we meet the parents?  You are certainly welcome to visit (as described above) and meet our girls.  Normally we do not have any boys here.  Thanks to the modern age I can
ship semen in from any dog in the country (actually the world).  I do not choose the boy that is local and convenient, I choose the boy that meets my high standards.  Sometimes they
are local and sometimes they are not.

Will you sell me a puppy on Full Registration for Breeding?  Probably not.  If you are seriously interested in competing and breeding, I require that you be active in comeptition
and/or have a current mentor or mentor with me for at least two years.

May I pick my puppy?  No, please read my puppy selection process on the puppy page.

Do you breed English or American Labradors?  My Labradors are bred in America; however, they are bred to meet the AKC Breed Standard which many individuals
refer to as English.

May I meet you at a show or other event?  YES!  YES!  YES!  Please contact me for my schedule.

Do you offer a health guarantee?  Yes and no.  I can guarantee some issues but I can only warranty other issues.  Mother nature has a mind of her own.  That being said, I offer a
very strong warranty/guarantee.  Please contact me for details.

Thank you for taking time to read this page.  Please contact me if you have further questions or comments.

Email us at:
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