Meet Prada  . . .

GCHS Robnie's Pumped Up Kix, DJ, DN
January 7, 2013

OFA Hips – Good
OFA Elbows – Normal
OFA Heart - Normal by Echo Doppler (VPI)
OFA EIC - Clear
OFA CNM – Clear
Macular Corneal Dystophy (Lab Ret Type) - Normal/Clear
OFA PRA - Clear

OFA RD/OSD - Clear/Normal
OFA Eyes - Normal (13)(14)(16)(17)(18)
OFA HNPK – Clear
OFA Long Coat Gene - Clear
OFA - Dilute Gene Clear - Pure for Labrador
Ichthyosis (Golden Retriever Type) - Clear

OFA - Full Dentition & Scissor Bite

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