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Bringing Home a

Brookhaven Puppy . . .

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As we limit our waiting list to 6 names per litter, we normally only have one or two litters per year and our wait is normally one year.

We do not currently have

any puppies available.  

Please feel free to inquire in regards to our future plans.

Please take a moment to introduce yourself and let us know

what you are looking for.


We do not have kennels, an operation or a business.  

We are a small hobby breeders who breed for ourselves first and

foremost, we breed for health, soundness and breed type.


Please remember we breed for quality over quantity.  

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Puppy Application Process


We are very committed to ensuring our puppies are placed in safe, loving and nurturing environments.  We do not ship puppies, we never have and never will.  


The process begins with all potential homes completing a puppy questionnaire.  It then continues with a telephone interview (please allow up to one hour for this interview) in which we talk more about our practices, our dogs, health of our dogs and to learn more about you.


We offer a 24/7 Live Cam for selected homes to watch their puppies.


Our waiting lists form early since we breed for quality not quantity, remember reputable breeders do not usually have puppies on demand.  

Be prepared to wait six months to a year.  

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Puppy Selection Process


Unlike traditional first come, first choose methods of placing puppies, where the prospective family shows up, meets the

puppies and points out which one they want, here at Brookhaven Labradors WE do the choosing.

It may seem different to you, but there is a reason we place our puppies in this way. Our method of placement entails watching and getting to know their personalities for eight weeks. This includes taking notes, paying attention to their behavior during the early stimulation and socialization period and noting how they react to things. We do conduct the Volhard Puppy Aptitude Temperament Test between 6 and 7 weeks of age.  After this point, when we've had ample time to observe the

puppies and get to know their temperaments, we make placement decisions. Decisions are based upon what we see in the puppies and what the puppy families are looking for. We learned many years ago that expecting puppy families to be able to select a puppy who has an appropriate temperament for their situation when they've only just met the babies is pretty ineffective and difficult. We are adept at matchmaking, and have been very successful at it. It is also nice because there is no such thing as 'first pick' or 'pick of the litter'. Everybody gets the best puppy for their particular lifestyle and family. Occasionally when we have two puppies who are very similar, we'll let the family choose between the two, but generally by the time they are ready to go home, we know just who is going where! Believe me, after eight weeks, we know these babies!


We do everything in our power to ensure that every baby gets the very best start to life, and we want to do everything we can to help ensure they are happy for the rest of their lives. Placing puppies appropriately goes a long way towards this goal.

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We always reserve the right to keep whichever puppies we feel may contribute

to our showing/breeding program in the future, as this is why we bred the litter in the first place!

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